23 3 / 2014

Long time no post from me. I’m not very active on here >w<
But I just have to show you my Chiaki Nanami Cosplay.

I’m really in love with the Dangan Ronpa Series. The last time I was flashed by a whole series for this long was, when I discovered Touhou and Warcraft. There are just so many lovable characters, and they are so different <3

So I decided after Junko, I’ll cosplay Nanami <3

The photos are shot from various talented photographers:

Annie Fischinger Fotografie
WidowFX Photography
Marco Russo Photography

nd the extra-selfies are from me :’D

01 11 / 2013

I was really excited to wear this costume! <3

I dont have boobs for her, though…

15 8 / 2013

Woohoo! Finally my Junko wig arrived!
I just had to make some make-up testshots.

What do you think?

(I played the game)

07 5 / 2013

Toyosatomimi no Miko together with Yuzelicious as Mononobe no Futo :3

06 5 / 2013

I’m planning to wear it again this year *3*

03 5 / 2013

My face is so round! 8D But I love those photos! :3

03 5 / 2013

Wanted to some pics of my Fionna cosplay :3

It’s one of my favourites

02 5 / 2013

Gonna attend the con as Ririchiyo Shirakiin!! <3
Good ol’ Yuzelicious has to go with me 8D